Thank you for your interest in B.Love’s comprehensive, fun, and delicious classes!

We look forward to hosting you in our love-filled teaching kitchen very soon. For exciting news on upcoming classes, stay in touch with us and subscribe to our B.Love email newsletter!

An example of classes we have had in the past are as follows:

Intro to Raw Food Prep (aka How to Make the Best Food Ever)

Location : 29 King St W, Dundas

This class explores the basics of sprouting, blending and dehydrating. We will prepare and enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal. For each menu item you will receive the yummy recipe.  I’ll also demonstrate raw food preparation techniques with opportunities for participatory experience throughout the workshop.
Party In the Raw

Location: 29 King Street West, Dundas

Expand your party menu with new healthy and delicious recipes !! This fun-filled raw food class explores the amazing tastes, benefits and endless possibilities of RAW FOODS… power snacks, munchies and sweets, all gluten – free! Sip Mango Lassi while preparing and enjoying delicious crackers & spreads, nori rolls, bejeweled salad, and scrump-dili-umptious sweets. Experience this dynamic workshop before strolling along Hamilton’s North End Art Crawl. Haven’t heard of the North End Art Crawl? It’s only minutes away. The setting will be our unique sustainable kitchen in the green cottage – space is limited, so please register early to ensure your participation!

Raw Italiano

Location : 29 King Street West, Dundas

Come and enjoy a truly live Italian meal!! A traditional Italian meal… made not in the traditional way 😉 The menu is complete with antipasto, minestra, entrée and dessert (which is a tad deviant).

Private Raw Food Prep Classes (aka How to Make the Best Food Ever)

Location : 29 King Street West, Dundas

Private group classes are now being offered. Do you have a group of 10 or 12 that would like to get together learn how to prepare some delicious life giving food, and enjoy a meal and chat together? Please e-mail if you have a date or idea in mind.