12 Days of B. Love Christmas

Hello there B. Love-lies,

It’s time to get your festive on!

We have just the thing to make you merry — The Twelve Days of Christmas, B.Love style!

Starting this Friday, December 4th, we will be posting our own take on the lyrics of this classic carol.  On each day, any purchase of the item we include in the carol will be TAX-FREE!  (We thought about 12% off, but this is even better!)

So, for instance, if we were sticking with the traditional song, you could come in one day and buy five golden rings and save the tax!  But, since we don’t have five golden rings lying around at the moment…

Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what you can save on this coming Friday! And Saturday, and Monday, and so on for the whole Twelve Days of B.Love Christmas!

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to get the daily lyric and join us in a bit of festive fun! You can also search #12daysofblovechristmas


Looking forward to sharing LOTS of B. Love goodness with you all,

Barbara-w and the B. Love team!

ps. keep watch for our up and coming newsletter on this years B. Love Holiday Market!!! 

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