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Hello, B-Lovelies!

So many of you have been asking when cooking or health related classes will begin? Well, the answer is… now! Barbara’s LOVE, passion and desire for sharing and educating is what created B. Love Conscious Eatery, and she, too, is eager to begin classes again!

We will be hosting a new program, called “Ask B.” These will be workshop-style classes, where YOU guide the content.

If you could ask any question about nutrition, diet, cooking, or similar topic — what would it be? Let us know the things that have you puzzled, or curious; what are you eager to learn about or what you are looking for, and how can we best help you?

Do you want to know how to veganize your favourite family recipe? How to “up” your salad game this summer, for more flavour AND nutrition? Prepare party-ready appetizers that will get “glowing” reviews? Do you want more ideas for summer smoothies that not only hydrate and energize, but detoxify as well?

Do you want to learn ways to make eating “this way” easier? Learn some easy tips to “eat the rainbow” at every meal and boost your energy and immunity? Ways to incorporate more raw food into your diet every day, and what the benefits can be?

Well, now is your chance to put your questions to us. Based on your questions, ideas and need-to-knows,  we will assemble workshops to address YOUR specific needs in a format that combines teaching and discussion.

Please follow this link to go to a form where we invite you to submit three of your most burning questions!  (And if you have more than three, you can always come back to the form and fill it out again!)

Then stay tuned for more news about the workshops!


Barba-raw and the B. Love team!

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