A Tasteful Adventure: March 1, 2010

Hello All you Wonderful B Lover’s!!!

Happy 2010! I hope you have all been enjoying a healthy and prosperous New Year! It’s been a little while since I last wrote… for exciting reasons I assure you!

My partner Peter and I have been on quite the adventure in Europe exploring food, culture, climate, sustainability and meeting family and new friends along the way!!

We set out to work on our book and that we have done. However what’s more exciting is the journey has inspired more chapters than we had ever imagined! We even felt the pull to extend our stay (looking back it was one of the best choices we could have made). This allowed us to take a detour in our trip that otherwise would not have been possible… we went to Morocco – WOW what a place – living a sustainable model that can be learned from in many ways. This includes local organic food, holistic medicine, handmade artisanal products and community-based living.

Today we’re exploring the great city of Rome, our final stop before returning home to loved ones in Canada. Travel enhances perspective, inspires and empowers (as many of you know and shared with me prior to my departure)!! For me, it has been that and more.

I am looking forward to evolving B Love and sharing with you all what I have learned in a holistic direction that continues to promote food, nourishment and healing for the body, mind and spirit !!

Some new and exciting classes and recipes will be coming out of this journey, having spent time in Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, the Netherlands, and Scotland… though kitchen and planning time is needed to put them together!

In the meantime, I’ll be sending weekly updates, and look forward to reconnecting with you.


Barbara 🙂

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