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Learn raw, vegan, tips, tricks and techniques this July 16th and 17th at B. Love Conscious Eatery. Don’t delay sign up today. Call 905.818.3517 or in person at the store!

Intro to Raw Food Prep (aka How to Make the Best Food Ever)

When: Tuesday July 16th 11am-2pm & Wednesday July 17th 5-8pm

Investment: $95 taxes incl. limited availability

Location : 29 King St W, Dundas

This class explores the basics of sprouting, blending and dehydrating along with the tools and equipment used. We will prepare and enjoy a delicious 3 course nutritious meal. For each menu item you will receive the yummy recipe.  We’ll also demonstrate raw food preparation techniques with opportunities for participatory experience throughout the workshop. For this class a dehydrator is not required. Ease your way into a raw food life style with the experience from Two Chef Mom’s.

Two Chef Mom’s Tips and Tricks

When: Tuesday, July 16th 5-8pm & Wednesday July 17th 11am-2pm

Investment: $95 taxes incl. limited availability

Location: 29 King St W, Dundas

Join us in this class as we share with you some of our tips and tricks on how to make healthier choices for when you are on the fly.  Learn to make a fully nutrient packed smoothie in a minute, have a protein packed super salad on the table for dinner in a flash, and a fresh dessert waiting in the wings! Come enjoy a three course meal, leave with the recipes, insights and experience from two chef mom’s with ways to make your life (cooking life) easier!

ABOUT the Instructors

Barbara Maccaroni from B. Love Conscious Eatery and Denise Robinson from Beeting Hearts Inc. have come together to bring you an amazing experience of food and learning, helping you to become more comfortable in the kitchen and with nutrition. Together they bring over 20 years of experience in raw food, plant based, ayurvedic principals, and traditional food preparation. With qualifications of a Certified Nutritionist, Raw Chef, Yoga Instructor, Red Seal Certified Chef, 11 year business owner, 5 year restaurant owner and food lovers extraordinare!

HOW TO REGISTER: Call 905.818.3517 and speak to Barbara or come on into B. Love Conscious Eatery at 29 King St W, Dundas and register in person!


I know I’ve spoken to many of you about classes through the years and I’m so happy to be able to start offering these classes again. Empowering you with the skills to live your best lifestyle through life long learning is my favourite part of what I do and the seed of the B. Love dream!

B. Love

be healthy – be happy – be vital – be nourished

ps. stay tuned folks we have some fun summer plans for you in store!!

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