Holiday Bounty, ballots and a FREE workshop

Good Day B. Lovelies!

It seems that autumn is well and truly upon us, and with it, time to reflect and remember all the things we are grateful for, here at B. Love.

First and foremost, of course, we are extremely grateful to all our customers! So many of you have shown us such loyal support, and that means a great deal to us. We have had the joy of making new friends every day, as more people discover B. Love and LOVE what we do!

To show OUR love and appreciation for your on-going support, we are having a draw for a cornucopia (actually it’s a basket) of delicious, nourishing treats and goodies! Shop our store from Thursday, October 8th to Saturday, October 10th to receive your ballot!

And, oh! — the wonderful items we have in store for you this week! We are busy working to nourish you this holiday weekend, and bring you the fragrant flavours of fall. Here is just a “taste” of the bounty we will have to offer:

Herbed Holiday Quinoa Loaf

Herbed Holiday Chia ‘n’ Oat Loaf

Roasted Carrot and Ginger Soup

Ginger Molasses Cookies

Pumpkin Mousse Squares

and more …

Be sure to stop by and see all the delicious delectables we have for you to enjoy!

Another way we want to thank all you LOVElies is with a special offer on a great cup o’ coffee! A mere 50 cents — FIFTY CENTS! — will get you a steaming cup of our Fair Grounds fair trade, organic, Guatemalan roast! That’s just two bits, folks! You can’t even get a shave and a haircut for that price, anymore! So come on in and get your java on for the *entire month of October!

Now that the weather’s turning cooler and school is back in session, it’s time to think about ways to make sure that you and your family stay healthy through the fall and winter seasons.

Did you know that essential oils can play a big part in maintaining your overall health and well-being?

Come Experience

Natural Healing with Essential Oils

Please join us for a COMPLIMENTARY workshop

in store on

Sunday, October 18th,

from 11-1pm OR 3-5pm

  • Introduction to Essential Oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
  • Learn how to treat your ailments naturally:
    • Ask Questions about how to treat your specific ailments naturally.
    • Flu/Cough/Cold, Bacterial, Virus, Prevention techniques
    • Treat Coughs, Colds, Flu, Earaches, Headaches, Migraines
    • Treat Aches, Pains, Joints, Inflammation
    • Strengthen your Immune System
    • Relieve Stress, Anxiety and Lift your Mood, Assist with First Aid & Pain Relief & Much More!

That’s right, essential oils do more than just smell pretty — they can boost your immune system and fight off the cold and flu, too! And that’s obviously just the beginning!

Come and learn about how essential oils can help you

Take Back Control of Your Health!

Register here by Thursday, October 15th

space is limited!

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twitter search: Blove_Dundas


with Love and Gratitude always,

Barbara and the B. Love team!

*while supplies last

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