Holiday Pre Order 2016

Hello B.Lovelies!

We are thrilled to once again to be having our  Holiday Pre-Order Offering to give back to our loyal customers in the best way we know how – with delicious nourishing food!

Allow us to make your holidays a bit easier by Pre-Ordering  and leaving the rest to us . Simply order your selections online and have our kitchen elves prepare your bounty of wholesome, delicious B. Love filled food, ready for pick-up December 22-24th.

*** If you need to pick up on an earlier date, please give Barbara a call at 905.818.3517 **

New this year, a complete meal for one. Enjoy a delicious “traditional” holiday meal which includes: mushroom croquettes with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, caramelized onion and kale, maple roasted carrots and a side of wild holiday salad  … and of course there are slices of pumpkin mousse for dessert!

As well as offering up all of our classic B. Love items, we have been busy in the kitchen preparing some traditional and non traditional holiday items such as our Raw Nanaimo Bars, Vegan Shortbread, Raw Mushroom Croquettes, our incredible Herbed Holiday Loaves of Chia n’ Oat or Quinoa , and so much more!

Our holiday menu has been designed to please a variety of allergies, diets and conscious eaters- without sacrificing the joy of amazing food!

Follow the Link ** here**  to access the online order form **Minimum order $20

* Please Note* All pre-orders are due by 

midnight Saturday December 17th and 

will be available for pick up on

Thursday, December 22nd 10:30-5:30pm
Friday, December 23rd 10:30-5:30pm or
Saturday, December 24th 10:30 -3pm (note that we are closed early)

Place your ** ORDER HERE **

Cash, Debit, Mastercard & Visa is accepted

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


Barbaraw and the B. Love Team

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