In Home Market - Thursday October 21st!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying a great day! This is just a friendly reminder that this Thursday October 21st, we’ll be having another in home market from 4:30 – 7:30pm, here at 56 Ferrie st West – also known as the green cottage.

a REMINDER to please bring your own reusable containers!

I’m still working on setting another date for another class…  for those of you who may not know I’ve recently begun taking De La Sol’s Yoga Teacher Training Course (which is AWESOME!!) and so my time is now being shared in a new way that I’m working on figuring out and wanting to perfect (as best I can). I appreciate your patience with this and would love to hear what kind of classes you’d  be interested in attending – feedback is greatly appreciated and so very helpful!!


Hope to see you Thursday!
Have the best days ever – love

Barbara-w 🙂

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