Maker's Market Friday Sept 10th!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I hope this update finds you all well! It’s been a while since i’ve sent out any updates, for several reasons (a major one being that August is a month that most people go on vacations… so I stayed home and worked on a bunch of stuff that I’ve been putting off … like paper work  and gardening 🙂 … and I had the honour of catering the wedding of two VERY special friends whom I love – being a part of this special day in this way was so incredible!

I’ve also been dreaming of being able to put a calendar of events up on my web page – with everything that I plan on doing this month … ah it would be so lovely and organized – but alas… that’s not yet happened –  however LIFE is happening which is equally lovely I assure you!! I will be sending out more updates soon!!!

SO what’s happening now … well today  I found out that B LOVE will be at the Art Crawl Maker’s Market, Friday Sept 10th at Christ’s Church Cathedral 252 James Street North, from 7pm – 11ish!!! So i’ve been busily preparing as much yummy food as my  two hands can (and thankfully Peter’s too) in preparation for this fun evening!!

If you’ve never been to the art crawl – come on down and check it out – it’s really great!! Please stop by, say hi – grab a treat(s) as you crawl the street!!!

with love and gratitude!

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