MARK-et on your calendar .. this wednesday!!

Hello B Lover’s,

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful week!

Just a gentle reminder that this coming WEDNESDAY June 15th from 4:30 -7:30pm – the green cottage will be open for a B LOVE in-home market.

Please remember to bring your own containers and help reduce waste, we really need to ensure that we are all taking care of mother earth!

ALSO, in all my excitement preparing for this market I forgot to mention that I’ll be away the end of june until mid july .. SOOO the next possible market month will likely be August. This is important for two reasons: 1. you really want to make sure you are here on Wednesday and 2. if you have any special orders – please send them along and give me a call asap and we can discuss all the details 🙂

Well my friends that’s all for now! I’m really looking forward to seeing so many of your beautiful smiles this Wednesday… and with that I bid you all




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