Meditation, Mudra and Mantra Classes

Hello Everyone,

September is upon us and that feeling of “going back to school” and getting back to a more scheduled lifestyle seems to kick in. The learning never stops here at B. Love as we continue to strive to learn and grow in all ways. I am excited to introduce this very wonderful and powerful series of classes that will be starting September 13th  and running through until December.


Meditation, Mudra & Mantra Classes

Relax, slow down & experience yourself as the love you truly are!

The ancient arts of meditation, mudras & mantras will shift worry, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, energy, self-confidence, digestion, pain, sleep, your breath & more.

Meditation allows the mind to slow, the breath to deepen; easing one into a state of grace, peace & connection with the higher self.

Each month we will build upon our practice, varying mudras & related mantras to focus our mind & intentions.

WHERE: B. Love Conscious Eatery: 29 King St. W., Dundas

WHEN: 3rd TUESDAY monthly [Sept. 13, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, **Dec. 13**]

  • to register call 905-818-3517  OR in person at B. Love

TIME: 7:00-7:45PM (Minimum of 5 participants required)

INVESTMENT: pre-register $20 per class OR pre-register for 4 sessions for $65

These classes will be taught by the lovely and knowledgeable Wyn Andress (click here to find out more about Wyn’s extensive experience with various forms of healing modalities)

To assist in making this an easeful transition in your busy life schedules, B. Love will be open later than usual on these class days, ready to prepare you a nourishing meal post work and pre class so you can enjoy all the benefits of signing up, committing to and embarking on learning ways to improve your life, body, mind and spirit! We will be offering in store deals each month JUST FOR YOU!

So if you’ve been thinking of wanting to “do this” for days, weeks or even years and are looking for a place to start – here it is!! The time is NOW, call 905.818.3517 or walk on into B. Love at 29 King St West in Dundas and register to secure your spot!

with love,


2 comments to Meditation, Mudra and Mantra Classes

  • Lila MacPherson

    I had called the store and left a message I was curious if there was still a spot available for the meditation classes. It would be just one spot for myself and if yes, do I need to bring anything other than $ for the class.

    Thanks for your time,
    Lila MacPherson

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