Mid-Winter Market - what you want to know!!

Great day to you B. LOVER!

I hope this message is as exciting to read as it is to post 🙂 We will be opening our doors for 3 days!!! In the HEART of Downtown Dundas: 29 King St West.


Thursday, February 6,   11 – 5:30pm.

Friday, February 7,   11 – 5:30pm

Saturday, February 8,   11 – 4:30pm



  • We are accepting pre-orders before Wednesday, February 5th .
  • Order any item on the list (quantities of 6/item only)
  • Items marked with a  ”  *  ” can be ordered in individual quantities
  • When you pre-order only (a minimum $20.00) we will pay the HST on your order and you SAVE!!

NOTE: during the Mid-Winter Market all items are available in any quantity you wish.

WHAT: is available (while it lasts 🙂 )

  • Almond burger patties
  • Wrapped Almond Cheeze Burgers *
  • Wild Holiday Salad (8oz/16oz) *
  • Crunchy Quinoa Salad (8oz/16oz) *
  • Sunny Hummus (8oz) *
  • Down on the Ranch Dressing (8oz) *
  • Thai Almond Sauce (8oz) *
  • Onion Crackers – 4/pack *
  • Sun-dried Tomato Flax Crackers-4/pack *
  • Power balls
  • Power SNOW balls
  • Breakfast biscuits
  • B-RAW-scotti (dipped and plain)
  • Pecan pleasures
  • Almond delights
  • Almond n’Oat delights
  • Chocolate and Blonde Macaroons
  • Dark Chocolate Ganache tarts*
  • White Chocolate Cheeze cake tarts*

Some Specialty Items we are EXCITED to Feature:

B’s Artisanal Raw Chocolate (sweetened with organic coconut palm sugar and organic local raw honey — free of soy and FULL of all the beauty and health benefits of RAW CACAO)

  • Raw Chocolate Heart shaped Suckers *
  • S’more Lovin – a tasty bar with 3 delightful layers: a base layer of brawnie, hugging a hazelnut nougat, with a caramel top layer coated in raw cacao with a sprinkle of pistachio ….. this description just doesn’t do this treat justice 😉 trust me you’ll want s’more
  • Almond Coconut Joy Truffles – coconut embraces an almond centre and covered in B’s Raw Chocolate … YUM


^+^+^+^+^  this is a CASH ONLY event ^+^+^+^+^


Feel free to print, post and share this event notice with those you love!

 Wanting to share the LOVE … Print this poster and share by posting in a common area … or forward this e-mail to family and friends and save the paper! Thank you.


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