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  • Therese Moning

    OK, so the Choco-raw-chas are to die for, right up there with the Bliss Balls. Beautiful Christmas treat – if only I could control myself not to eat them all first!!! Cari loved them, too, along with the Eye Love Macaroons. Kale chips have a great new flavour twist, Olive Tapenade so fresh tasting and natural!! Quinoa salad was very nourishing and earthy tasting – I would give the salad a 10 for fresh feel and taste in my mouth, a 7 for overall taste. Have saved the crackers and pear leather for tomorrow’s snack. You know I love the breakfast cereal, too. Thanks for the repeat on that!!!

    Thanks Barbara for another superb share!!!

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  • Jacquie Roche

    I had the good fortune of trying your Almond burgers in Dundas recently at Piconi’s…we loved them, best burger I can remember having. We stopped on our way to the airport and had another round.
    Also your wild rice salad was divine.
    Do you share or sell your recipes?
    I am new to the raw food lifestyle and my body/spirit likes it very much, I live in rural Nova Scotia and there is not a lot going on as far as raw food.

    Thank you,
    Jacquie Roche

    • barbaraw

      SO happy you enjoyed the goodies – Picone’s is a great place to find yourself here in town also !!!
      I am still working on a cookbook – and many recipes will be included there – though for now the only recipes i sell are the ones i have workshops on.
      As for now for yourself – there are TONS of resources out there that are great guides to figuring out raw food – a great beginner book “Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 people” you don’t need a dehydrator and the recipes are smaller batches so you can try less to begin with.
      Thanks Jacquie!

  • Jacquie Roche

    Thank you for your reply
    I will be back in Dundas in the fall and I will no doubt find myself lunching on your beautiful and delicious food.

  • Prema & Sahana

    Thanks, Barbara.
    Autumn is our favourite too.
    Glad you had a great summer
    with so much to look forward
    Blessings ..

  • Lila MacPherson

    I had called the store and left a message I was curious if there was still a spot available for the meditation classes. It would be just one spot for myself and if yes, do I need to bring anything other than $ for the class.

    Thanks for your time,
    Lila MacPherson