Thanksgiving and Classes!

Hello everyone! Happy-Healthy Fall from all of us here at B.Love.

It is certainly a delicious time of year to savour summer’s last days and enjoy the changing colours we are lucky to experience under the Dundas escarpment.

With fall brings Thanksgiving; one of our favourite occasions to celebrate thanks for family and friends with a bounty of Ontario harvest. As food providers and happy hosts we understand how entertaining has taken on a new level with the expanding of families, food allergies, and dietary concerns.

B. Love has always taken a special interest in preparing conscious, healthy food items that appeal to every lifestyle. For this upcoming holiday season we will have available a lovely array of meal ideas ready for you to take home and enjoy with all your loved ones. In need of a special something, give us a call and let us know what you are looking for and we would be more than happy to try and accommodate your special needs! We have a limited quantity of a delicious “traditional” thanksgiving meal which includes: mushroom croquettes with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes with roasted garlic, caramelized onion and kale, maple roasted carrots and a side of wild holiday salad ($30) … and of course there are slices of pumpkin mousse for dessert ($6.50)! Call 905.818.3517 to order your meal on or before Thursday, October 6th.


‘Wyn’dows To Your Mind

Thursday October 13th, 2016:  7 – 8pm

Understanding The POWER of Hypnosis & it’s Benefits

In this class, you will gain insights to the workings of the mind & how hypnosis can help you gain control over your life! By learning how to access the subconscious mind, where all the action is, one can affect positive, personal changes & empower themselves with self hypnosis!!!

Learning the valuable tool of self- hypnosis will allow you to …

Master your thoughts & improve mental effectiveness

Reduce stress, improve sleep & release undesirable habits & patterns that hold you back

Recent research from Stanford University supports hypnosis



Meditation, Mudra & Mantra Classes

Relax, slow down & experience yourself as the love you truly are!

The ancient arts of meditation, mudras & mantras will shift… worry, fear, anger, sadness, guilt, energy, self-confidence, digestion, pain, sleep, your breath & more. 

Meditation allows the mind to slow, the breath to deepen; easing one into a state of grace, peace & connection with the higher self.

WHEN: Tuesday Oct. 18 2016

Tuesday Nov. 15, 2016

Tuesday Dec. 13, 2016

TIME: 7:00-7:45PM


Investment: $20 per class 

(Minimum of 5 participants required)

Pre-register by calling 905.818.3517 or come on in to B. Love Conscious Eatery; 29 King St W, Dundas


These classes will be taught by Wyn Andress.

Wyn is passionate about natural healing therapies; starting her journey in the late 90’s as she began to experience health concerns. This prompted her to acquire certification as a Yoga Therapist. Various personal trials that Wyn, family & friends have faced lead her to expand the search for non-invasive, effective solutions to heal both physically & emotionally, opening her path to experience herbalism, chakra work, energy medicine, E.F.T. & Shamanism.

Additionally, Wyn received certification as a Meditation Teacher, Celtic Reiki Practitioner, Karmic Regression Therapist, in EFT & as a Consulting Hypnotist. Employing these healing methods have allowed great change in her life & the lives of numerous others.

Hypnosis was a powerful catalyst in creating true changes for Wyn, allowing a release of decades-worth of trauma, fears & misbeliefs. As it works with your own sub-conscious mind, your focus & your wish to transform your life, it puts the control back in your hands.

You can find out even more by visiting her website at:


with love and THANKS,

Barbara-w and the B. Love Team

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