Transition News and Pre-Order

Greetings dear Friends, Family, Customers and Friendstomers 🙂

With a full and grateful heart I share our latest “news”.

An understatement that it has been a challenging time for so many this last year, and as you know it’s hit hard on many small businesses, on B. Love.

I thank you sincerely for your support and loyalty throughout this challenging time and the many years. We have experienced the blessing of a village family that has been here to support us and help raise my little one.

I started B. Love in 2008, had my daughter in 2013, and opened the Conscious Eatery in 2014 on King St West in Dundas. Together through these many years we’ve transitioned and transformed, created and educated, served and shared, opened our doors and hearts.  A Conscious Eatery 🙂 full of conscious conversations. A mission of love, fueled by a passion to educate and share such a fundamental way of helping oneself – nourishing food – after all it converts into your very being. – it’s important. Along with the security of our food, where and how it’s grown, the environmental impacts it has and we have,  what are we doing to help lessen our footprint? 

We have so many amazing memories serving within this community, and it is now time to transition again. My hope and want is to continue to educate and prepare food for our community and to continue the conscious conversations. It will be at a different scale and availability, and there are plenty of details that have yet to be fully figured out. Perhaps you know someone? It would be lovely to find a place that we could live AND work from with a garden space! 

It is my plan to run the shop open through till the end of February, and fingers crossed be able to offer a pre order menu for Easter. 

Given the lock down conditions, I thought it a good time to offer a Soup, Salads, Breads and Spreads Pre-Order.  Click here to place your order and we’ll have it all wrapped and ready for pickup (curbside if you prefer). 

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