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Our team at B.Love is extremly excited to share our passion for nourishing raw/vegan foods with Dundas and the surrounding community. We are grateful to have received such an overwelmingly positive response to our presence from past and new clientelle.

We look forward to opening our doors as a fully-functional eatery Summer 2014.  In order to serve you better we have been undergoing a series of Soft Openings or ‘Pop-Up Sales’ in which we are open to the public. Pop-Up sales are a wonderful chance for our guests to sample the B.Love menu, as well as for us to get to know YOU. In addition, we are also accepting pre-orders and opportunities to cater your special events.

It is our mission at B.Love to bring healthy, delicious food into your daily life.

We prepare with love : fresh, nutritious, convenient small meals, treats and snacks as pre-ordered by our customers, using primarily organic ingredients – local when available.

Preparation techniques are a fusion of the raw food lifestyle and a bit of vegan cooking too. Preparation may include sprouting, fermenting and dehydration at a temperature of 105 degrees or lower, to retain maximum nutrients and enzymes.

Yes! We are OPEN!!

Please take a look at our Calendar to see when :)


As we continue to build our amazing and LOVEly team and evolve our space, we appreciate your support.


~ if you’d like to pre-order your favourite B. Love items ~

Please send us an e-mail to info@blove.ca

(some items require more prep time and so 1-2 weeks notice is preferable)

*** at this time we can accept CASH ONLY – thank you ***

Are you interested in sharing your love?

Send your resume to: info@blove.ca

Please include RESUME” in the subject line.

It’s been a LOVE fuelled journey, we look forward to serving and nourishing you!!

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B. Love ~ spreading the Raw word and healthy lifestyle education… providing nourishment for the body, mind and spirit.