Last Pre Order and Closing Details

Hello B. Lovlies!

Happy Spring! I hope you are all enjoying the feeling of spring in the air while spending time outside! It’s so important for a healthy, body, mind and spirit. 

**** I am writing to you today to let you know that I will be offering my LAST PRE-ORDER sale just in time for Easter. I will be closing the kitchens down after this order so please place your orders on or before Friday, March 26th by noon! Orders will be ready for pick up Saturday April 3rd 11-2pm, if you need to arrange an earlier pickup please indicate this on your form and I will try to accommodate. I’d like to remind you that many of the power snacks and treats, breads, spreads, shepherd pie, almond burgers, sauces and dips are great to stock up on and keep in the freezer. I will also be offering larger bulk purchases on dehydrated almonds, walnuts and pecans. These store well in the fridge or freezer and can be stored up to 18 months! Lastly, if you’d like to order a full batch of any item, you can pay less and save more with no tax and an additional 10% discount! Get your orders in early to avoid disappointment! 

Closing Update:

I recently announced the closing of my restaurant with the hopes of continuing with pre orders and special events. As the saying goes: “life is what happens while we are busy making plans” and I have agreed to clear out my shop by April 30th. I have worked very hard to keep B. Love Conscious Eatery operating on King St W in the heart of Downtown Dundas (loved saying that 🙂 with the help of so many loving hands over the years and the amazing support of you all. However, I am no longer able to bear the effects of the governments’ restrictions on my business and the additional financial weight. I did find other businesses wanting to partner and ‘share the load’, though sadly none were acceptable to my landlord.

For now I do not have another kitchen to prepare from and have decided in order to gain some clear perspective, I’d like to take some time to be with my daughter, who has also given a lot to this effort over the years ! B. Love has never been what I do, but who I am! So you know …. it’s to be continue.

**** There are many fixtures and fittings at my shop that require a new home! As much as I need to sell many of these items to pay the bills, I also want and need to ensure things are kept out of landfills and would love to see them put to use. (tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, dishes, trays, stands, cloches, cutlery, linens, pews, shelves, and more!! ) I will be posting more about this in the coming weeks – until then any further questions can be emailed to Barbara:

Thank you all for being the World’s Best customers!! 

you can place your order here!

Be healthy, be happy, be vital, be nourished,

B. Love 


PS. As a student of life with a deep passion for health, I have been appreciating and learning a lot from the work of a local Dr who is taking a stand for our health!  Take a look here: , Dr. Trozzi is very knowledgeable and a genuinely honest and ethical medical doctor!  

Restaurant Closing -B. Love's Transition Plan

Hello B. Lovelies,

I hope you are all enjoying the increasingly longer days of sun!!

There have been many loving and thoughtful responses to this current B. Love transition, which I’m very grateful for. I promised you an update as to what is next for B. Love and this beautiful little community.  

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Transition News and Pre-Order

Greetings dear Friends, Family, Customers and Friendstomers 🙂

With a full and grateful heart I share our latest “news”.

An understatement that it has been a challenging time for so many this last year, and as you know it’s hit hard on many small businesses, on B. Love.

I thank you sincerely for your . . . → Read More: Transition News and Pre-Order

Holiday Pre Order 2020

Hello B. Lovelies!

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season. Of course, it’s a bit different this year wouldn’t you say, a good time to count our blessings, and to take excellent care of our selves, health, and loved ones! We are happy and grateful to once again to be having our . . . → Read More: Holiday Pre Order 2020

Pre-orders, Shrooms, Ticks, & More

Hello friends, we hope you’re taking advantage of this time to come together with your immediate family (who don’t have cooties), exercise, eat healthy, move your body, and get some sunshine when it’s around. 😀 As for us, we’re here working hard to make whole food, plant-based meals and treats to feed hungry bellies! . . . → Read More: Pre-order & Save; Shrooms, Ticks, & More

Catering in the Community

Dear B. Lovely Customers,

B. Love will be operating under modified business hours from now until March 7th.

Please feel free to contact us (905.818.3517 or with any special orders or needs, as we are here working away but our store front services are unavailable temporarily .

We are excited to share that . . . → Read More: Catering in the Community

Valentine’s Day Dinner at B. Love

Greetings B. Lover’s!

We are so excited to be bringing you a new event at B. Love.

This year B. Love is opening its doors to help you show your Valentine just how much you love them! Reserve your seats for a delicious plant-based meal that’s made with love and made to nourish! . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day Dinner at B. Love

Holiday Pre Order 2019

Hello B.Lovelies!

We are thrilled to once again to be having our Holiday Pre-Order Offering to give back to our loyal customers in the best way we know how – with delicious nourishing food!

Allow us to make your holidays a bit easier by Pre-Ordering and leaving the rest to us. Simply order your . . . → Read More: Holiday Pre Order 2019

class is in session

Learn raw, vegan, tips, tricks and techniques this July 16th and 17th at B. Love Conscious Eatery. Don’t delay sign up today. Call 905.818.3517 or in person at the store!

Intro to Raw Food Prep (aka How to Make the Best Food Ever)

When: Tuesday July 16th 11am-2pm & Wednesday July 17th 5-8pm

Investment: $95 . . . → Read More: class is in session

Victoria Day Long weekend offerings

Good day to you!

Has anyone else been struck by how quickly the Victoria Day long weekend is here? Well I was. Personally and professionally I have had a lot going on and I goofed on timing all the exciting offerings Denise of Beeting Hearts and I, Barbara of B. Love are collaborating together to . . . → Read More: Victoria Day Long weekend offerings