Raw Food/ Living Food/ Raw Vegan/ Living Vegan Food also known as: The BEST FOOD you’ve EVER had!

The power of raw is the power of life. It is joy, vitality, energy, harmony and balance. Persons embracing this type of diet invariably experience improvements in their general physical and mental status, including more energy, better health, weight loss, detoxification, and a sturdier immune system that better resists and recovers from just about any kind of disease.

It nourishes, cleanses and rebuilds our bodies, using quality organic vegetables grown in rich soil, wild crafted foods, fruits, green juices, sprouts, nuts, and seeds, fermented and dehydrated foods to create delicious, diverse, supremely satisfying dishes.

Eating raw is a wonderful way to reconnect with your body and the planet. By supporting organic agriculture, you are participating in growing methods and traditions that will help to save the planet. No animal products are used, so you also lower your carbon footprint and the animals appreciate it.

Best of all you won’t have to give up great tasting food! Flavour, enjoyment and satisfaction are all on the living foods menu.